Take 5


The most famous Jazz compositian ever.
Strangely enough a 5/4 oddmeter but the melody is world famous, everybody knows it…
Also the musicians recording this piece In the 1950’s are Jazzlegends.
Dave Brubeck and Paul Desmond.
So, time for a swinging tribute to this wonderful music.



The ‘hits’ are there, It’s a Raggy waltz, The Duke, Three to get ready and a lot more.
Also Joe Morello’s drum Solo.on Take 5 is highlighted by Frits.
Superb playing by All 4 quartet members, fantasticly recorded in MCO studio 2 by Mr. Frans de Rond
ESP proudly presents. TAKE 5
Alto Saxophone: Frank Robertscheuten
Piano: Rossano Sportiello
Double Bass: Edwin Corzillius
Drums: Frits landesbergen